Glass Tempering Furnace Parts

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  1. Kevlar Ropes

    5.5 x 5.5mm 8 x 4 mm 9 x 3mm 10 x 4mm 12 x 3.5mm 12 x 5mm
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  2. Table Caster Wheel

    caster wheels / universal wheels for moving
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  3. Tam Glass Heating Elements

    Spiral / Heater / Heating coils inside the heating furnace of Glass Tempering furnace/ Glass Toughening Plant
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  4. Fiber rope, Kevlar Aramid Rope

    Kevlar Aramid Ropes used on Glass Tempering Furnace rollers
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  5. Kevlar Aramid Ropes

    Kevlar fiber Aramid used on glass tempering furnace 5.5 x5.5mm, 10 x 4mm, 9 x 3mm, 12 x 3.5mm, 12 x 4mm etc
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  6. Furnace Heating Elements

    Tamglass Furnace Heaters
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